1. Some #GullyArt we stumbled across in Detriot:

    "Hari Kari" by Jack Keijo Steele (1943)

  2. A blank t-shirt is a canvas waiting for an artist to spill their heart and soul unto it.

    Our promo tees are finally in which means our year round “GULLY” tshirt giveaway will start very VERY soon…

    Stay Tuned. More info about everything GULLY related will be released in the coming days..

    Be cool. Stay fresh. Live R.E.A.L.

  3. UPDATE:

    We’re currently in the design process for upcoming “GULLY” collections and am focused on making GULLYSTEEZ the most premier online retail store for #AllThingsDope.

    The release of NEW product won’t happen until Summer or Fall 2014 but I assure you that we’re taking our time because we’re making sure everything is perfect.

    Until then we have these promotional “GULLY” tees with #GullySteez printed on the top back. These tees will be FREE and will be given out once a day.

    They’re free but you do have to earn them. Every day we’ll be asking random trivia questions, the person who googles the answer and responds the fastest on Instagram wins the shirt. Simple enough.

    Be cool. Stay fresh. Live REAL.

  4. Agenda Emerge NYC: Do What Makes You Happy

    Sooo I haven’t updated this blog in quiteeee awhile. Quite awhile as in years, meaning that we, my…

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  5. #AgendaEmerge was an amazing experience and it was definitely worth the trip from Florida to New York.

    You can learn a lot from other people’s experiences and I tried to absorb all the gems these four amazing businessmen/creators/artists were kind enough to share with us.

    From left to right: @BeingMarcEcko @JeffStaple @JohnnyCupcakes @BobbyHundreds.

    Just WOW.

    #GullySteez; All Things Dope.

    Be cool, Stay fresh, Live REAL

  6. Please bear with me as I’ve been extremely busy with my personal life and the #GullySteez brand has recently hit the back burner.

    Thank you to those who support us and are waiting our resurgence.

    I assure you…the takeover is imminent.

    In the coming weeks a couple of things will happen…our online shop will have nothing for sale at ALL (yes, yes not even our popular MJ Bullsh!t will be around for the time being as we get organized). Our blog will finally be an active one. And we will be actively recruiting for our #GULLYSTEEZ street team (members will receive an influx of stickers to pass out, free gear before we rerelease, and an individual rep code…our outstanding team members will be rewarded graciously).


    Gully Steez; All Things Dope.

  7. S/o to @crypt813 for using the #GullySteez hashtag for #AllThingsDope!!!

  8. "Peace. Love. Bully Free." Tshirt for an elementary school event…have a project you need done for your budding tshirt line? For an event? For a family reunion? Are you an artist in need of shirts to market yourself??We can get it done!!! We’re cheap with the utmost attention to quality!! Contact me for details..



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    If you’re real with yourself, you’re Gully.
    If you’re comfortable with yourself, you got Steez.

    Do you got #GullySteez?

    Be cool, Stay fresh, Live REAL.

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    So should you!!!

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    Free promo tees coming soon…sorry for the delay.

    Be cool, Stay fresh, Live REAL.

  11. @_Lake reps the #GullySteez tag for #AllThingsDope!!!!

    You should too.

    Or eat glass. Jump out a skyscraper. Or just keep being lame. Lol.


    Be cool, Stay fresh, Live REAL.

  12. @Datdudekdubb repping our “Graffiti Pigeon” tee in class.

    #GullySteez; All Things Dope

    Be cool, Stay fresh, Live REAL.

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  14. @Travdilli got his #DoYouGotSteez stickers…have you gotten your #FREE #STICKERS yet?!?

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